Better Nutrition for Optimal Animal Performance

We’re proud to offer premium quality feed through our St. Francis, KS, location. We carry the full range of Purina Mills feed products, including tubs, blocks, bagged feed, etc., and we provide knowledgeable advice through our relationship with Purina.

Feed Greatness

We are proud to offer top-notch feed through our St. Francis, Burlington Ag Center, Idalia Agronomy and Kirk Agronomy locations! 

At these locations you can find Purina feed for horses and Red Flannel Dog Food and Cat Food. 

Also available are Purina and Hubbard feeds for cattle which include starter feeds to finisher feeds and everything in between. We also carry protein and mineral tubs for cattle, horses, goats and sheep. When weaning calves, we have Stress Care 5 AS140 medicated feed on hand and in bulk. 

Farm Supplies

We carry farm supplies as well, including ear tags, sorting equipment, panels, gates, calving supplies, fencing supplies, and have bulk staples and wire available for purchase by the pound. Wood posts are 10% off if they are purchased by the bundle. 

If you have fence chargers that need repaired, we can send them in for you. We will also send in soil and feed samples to Servi-Tech for analysis. 

Call Lynn at 785-332-2129 for quotes on salt and mineral and bulk options on feed.

Feed Team