Timely Service, Fair Prices, Always.

Timely Service, Fair Prices, Always.

When it comes to the Energy Department at Stratton Equity Coop, we’re more than just petroleum products. Our retail locations offer automotive parts, convenience store products and a high level of service for consumers, commercial / operations and farms alike. Whether you need thousands of gallons of fuel delivered, an oil change for your vehicle, or a hot slice of pizza, we’ve got you covered!

Cenex Fuels and Lubricants

We’re proud to offer quality fuels and lubricants from Cenex Petroleum. Look to us for Ruby Fieldmaster and Roadmaster premium diesel fuels, as well as TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline.

We also offer DEF at our locations in Burlington, Stratton and Kirk.

A Versatile Fuel Delivered How You Need It

Whether you need a large tank filled on your farm or cylinder tank filled for your barbecue grill, we’re here to help. Look to us for the following services:

  • Delivery to residential and commercial propane tanks on location.
  • Cylinder refills at our car care centers in Stratton, Burlington and Kirk.
  • Sales and leases of propane tanks.
  • Leak tests on your propane tanks (but not repairs).
  • Prepaid propane contracts to lock in a price for future needs.

Call us to discuss what option works best for you. Once we’ve approved your account, we can place you on our route, so you get your tank refilled in the timeliest manner possible.

Contact us for propane sales and service!

Quality Fuels, Premium Service

Our goal is to serve your bulk fuel needs in the way you want to be served. We provide daily bids, and we turn around your fuel delivery as quickly as possible in a large territory that covers eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Our experienced staff anticipate our customers’ needs to provide the best possible service.

Some of our services include:

  • Daily email with transport fuel bids for your convenience. Of course, you can always call for bids as well!
  • Deliveries of up to 7200 gallons.
  • Mix and match different products in the same delivery.
  • Deliveries to farm tanks, even smaller, gravity-fed tanks.
  • We offer the Cenex Total Protection Plan to protect your equipment
Tank Sales and Service

Fuel storage tanks belong to our customers, so it’s up to you to monitor the tank and call when you need it filled. That said, we stock smaller tanks for sale at our Kirk, CO, facility. If you need a tank, we’ll deliver it and set it up for you.

Premium Diesel Fuel

Get the most out of your equipment by using our premium diesel fuels: Ruby Fieldmaster, which is dyed for off road use, and Roadmaster for highway use. They have been shown to restore power by 4.5%, restore fuel economy by 5%, clean injectors and boost lubricity to reduce costly downtime.


We’re proud to offer Cenex TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline. With 2.5 times more detergent than regular fuel, it maximizes performance and efficiency for a cleaner engine and fewer trips to the mechanic, all from simply fueling up your tank.

Maximum Protection for the Toughest Jobs

Whether you have a high-horsepower tractor, semi-truck or a personal vehicle, Stratton Equity Coop carries a full-line of Cenex Lubricants to meet the challenging demands and tough environments from the arid climate of eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Cenex Lubricants have more than 75 years of proven performance, guaranteed protection and dedication to serving the needs of construction, transportation and agricultural communities.  

Many choices, three locations

We Carry Every Lubricant Size Available, From Quarts To Bulk Oil. Bulk Oil Is A Convenient Way To Save Time And Money, While Eliminating Empty Containers From The Garbage.

Bulk Oil Is Delivered Out Of Our Stratton Location, While We Offer Packaged Products At Stratton, Burlington And Kirk, Colorado.

Cenex Total Protection Plan

Warranty your new or used equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours when you exclusively use Ruby Fieldmaster diesel and Cenex lubricants. You get unsurpassed coverage, while helping to ensure that only high-quality energy products go into your equipment.

What makes this the best Warranity in Agriculture?
  • Covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours
  • Covers a wide variety of equipment
  • No deductible
  • Minimal enrollmen fee
  • No operator "burden of proof"

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