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For more than a century, Stratton Equity Coop has been a local, farmer-owned cooperative. Our knowledgeable team members are committed to finding the best solutions for our customers, delivered with honesty, integrity and friendliness. We invest in our facilities and our communities to best serve our customers today and tomorrow, growing alongside our farmer owners.

Centered on Agriculture, but Serving our Entire Community

As a member-owned cooperative, we help our local farmers and ranchers be more productive and successful through our knowledgeable people and top-quality products and services. Because we are locally owned, we are also focused on serving the needs of our communities and supporting local causes with our time and money.

Our commitment is to treat our employees and customers with honesty, integrity, humbleness and a heartfelt respect for our communities and families.

Stratton Equity Coop Mission

Our mission is to be a well-managed, profitable, opportunistic, consumer-driven agricultural company.

Established on Hope, Built from Strength

Stratton Equity Coop was founded in 1914 by a group of farmers and ranchers with a vision. They were full of hope, strong and determined. They weathered drought, hail and dust storms, and continued to believe that the rain would come. More times than not, they were not disappointed.

The rain came, the crops grew and there was strength in the survival, and today Stratton Equity Coop is more than 1,000 members/owners strong.



If you are searching for a way to fund something in the community, please reach out to us through the “Contact Us” tab. We are always looking for ways to support worthwhile opportunities within our communities.


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