We Know These Fields

Growing a prosperous crop in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas is no easy task. But when you work with Stratton Equity Coop, you gain a partner with a team that has a deep understanding of local soils and crops, and a broad set of skills to take on whatever challenge Mother Nature throws at us.


We do everything in our power to attract and hire the best people we can find, and we trust our people to be the experts in what they do.

We also partner with other local experts to best serve your needs. This helps us stay focused on what we do best, which is getting in the fields and going to work for you.

Our crop plots are one-of-a-kind, in that we have irrigated plots right across the road from dryland plots. These dryland acres provide a true reflection of how various hybrids and varieties will perform in our arid climate, allowing you to make better decisions when selecting seed for your operation.

Finally, when you work with Stratton Equity Coop Agronomy, rest assured that every dollar you spend with us stays right here in the communities we serve. This allows us to continue our strong support of local organizations and causes, while also returning dollars to our members through patronage.

Our Agronomic Services

One-on-one crop consulting
Custom application
Field scouting and testing
Field days and crop plots
Crop nutrient plans

Your Full-Service Resource for Crop Protection Services

The crop protection landscape is constantly changing, which is why it pays to turn to Stratton Equity Coop. Our knowledgeable people are educated on the latest product developments and regulatory requirements, so they can confidently make the best recommendations for your operation. 

When you work with us, one of our field agronomists will visit with you at your farm to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Once we have that understanding, we’ll then walk your fields to get a first-hand look at the environment so we can then make recommendations.

After the prescription for your field has been determined, we can custom apply the treatment or you can use your equipment to make the application. After the application, we routinely make spot checks during critical times.

Nutrients Your Plants Need. Expertise to do the Job Right.

We offer a full line of dry and liquid fertilizer, and we also have expertise in specialty products (for example, humic acid), foliar products and micronutrients. In addition, we have a full-line of equipment to custom apply plant nutrients in a timely manner, including variable-rate applications.

  • Dry fertilizer is primarily sourced out of our Burlington location. We also have a smaller plant in St. Francis.

  • Most of our liquid fertilizer is stored and sourced from our Stratton location. We also have liquid applicators out of Flagler and Burlington to help us service our entire trade area.

  • Anhydrous ammonia is available at all locations and serviced for individual growers.

  • We have an airplane for foliar applications, which allows us to address crop needs that can’t be met with ground rigs. The plane is based out of Burlington and services fields in an 80-mile radius from there.

Below the Surface or from the Air, Let Us Take Care of Your Crop

We have the equipment to apply plant nutrients and crop protection products in the most efficacious manner for your needs – even from the air.

Locally Tested Seed for Top Performance

When it comes to seed, there’s no substitute for growing the crops locally and getting a first-hand look at how the plants perform under different conditions. That’s why we utilize test plots across our territory and then base our recommendations on how each crop performs, whether it’s corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum or other forage crops.

Stratton Coop has the first crop plot in the U.S. that features irrigated acres directly across the road from dryland acres. The irrigated plot is 38 acres and features 90 different varieties replicated multiple times. We also have 15 other plots scattered throughout our territory on individual farms for variety trials. Below are the 2019 Plot Results.

Seed Brands

We’re proud to offer DEKALB/Asgrow and CROPLAN seed brands, as well as grass seeds and sorghum through other partners.


Competitive Rates for Longer Terms

When you purchase agronomy inputs through Stratton Equity Coop, you gain access to highly competitive financing for those purchases from Cooperative Finance Association (CFA). We offer terms of up to 20 months for repayment.

Contact our in-house team, and they’ll help you get started on the approval process.

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