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Connection Central  01/28/19 2:22:07 PM

Connection Central
24/7 Account Information Center
Your Data, Your Way

Secure, 24/7 access - See transactions as they occur
Multiple-account integration - See all of your accounts
Save & print tickets, statements, settlements
Calculate commodity settlement scenarios
Review your prepaid contracts
Review your commodity positions/contracts

Click here to sign up for Connection Central

If you experience any issues when signing
up, please call for help - 719-348-5326

Your browser might come up with warnings about security and/or certificate issues - You'll need to "Continue to the website" (even though it says "not recommended") and/or "accept" the certificates and/or "Confirm the security exception" (depending upon which browser you are using).

At the "Account Sign In" screen - Click on "New Acccount Registration"

You'll need your primary account number, last 4 digits of your social security number, a valid email address and the address on your account.

Be sure to select "Stratton Equity Cooperative Company" from the drop down list on the right.
Your username must be a minimum of 8 characters/digits in length (minimum of 1 character required)
Your passcode must be a minimum of 6 characters/digits in length (minimum of 1 character/1 digit required)
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